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63,5 kg - 139,99 lbs

-> 800 g less.

I'm happy. I'm sitting the whole day and half of the night at my desk working. But I feel good at this, my work makes me feel good. 

And my weight wents down. 

At the moment I'm back to the roots. In the morning there is my black tee and another cup with coffee, milk and even a small teespoon with sugar. 

It's better than eating a whole breakfast. But without that piece of sugar I would become crazy.  

I tried to drink milk without lactose. I'm not loctose intollerant.

This kind of milk contains all of the vitamins and minerals of milk, but no lactose. The interesting part: It tastes as more sweet, as normal milk.  

So I need less sugar, a small teespoon reaches. 

So, that's it for today. 

I hope my weight wents down on and on. 

Wish you a nice day!! <3

5.7.12 15:07


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