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64,3 kg <- too much


Hey there!


I’m starting a new blog. I would like to write in english, because I like the language and it can help me, writing/speaking better.


So I hope you won’t deal too severly with me.  

Usually I feel good at 60 kg or a little bit less. In the last days I followed too much invitations for dinner. Too much to eat, too much alcohol. = becoming fat.

It’s my own fault, I could say „no“. Detaining myself works for usual. Not the last days

I’m excited, how it goes on. For today I ate this:

- coffee with milk

- oat flakes cooked with water

- 5 singular noodles of yesterday (the rest of my boyfriends dinner)


-         spinach and other fruits and vegetables.


Have a nice day!

2.7.12 14:01


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